Take a look at this wonderful illustration… can you guess what makes it so special?

No? ….

No? ....

What about now?

What about now?

Ants need art, too, and that”s exactly what South African artist Lorraine Loots is here to give them. In 2013, Loots began a painting per day project of her miniature paintings called “Postcards for Ants.” She recently started the project again after completing her initial paintings in 2013.

This year, her tiny daily paintings are all dedicated to the city of Cape Town in South Africa. These tiny masterpieces will blow your mind. I can”t even imagine the time and patience it must take her everyday to create one of these paintings.

(Via: Bored Panda)

You can see some of Loots” other work at her website. Also, don”t forget to follow the rest of Loots” project on her Tumblr and Facebook.