While working on a shoot with some colleagues, commercial advertising photographer Tim Tadder found that water made interesting shapes when dropped onto mannequins” heads, particularly when said mannequins were bald.

Soon, Tadder found himself holding an open call for bald-headed men to come in and be photographed while having water balloons chucked at their heads. He also laid long, thin balloons over their heads and popped them with a laser. The result is a series called Water Wigs, in which water serves as a stand-in for a hairstyle. It looks surprisingly convincingand pretty funny.

The Friar

<i>The Friar</i>

The Bob

<i>The Bob</i>

The Burning Man

<i>The Burning Man</i>





The Bun

<i>The Bun</i>





The Mohawk II

<i>The Mohawk II</i>

The Jesus

<i>The Jesus</i>

The Conquistador

<i>The Conquistador</i>

The Don King

<i>The Don King</i>

The Angel

<i>The Angel</i>

Tadder did try this on his own head, but, not being bald, he found that the results weren”t as striking as they were on his smoother-headed friends. You can see more of his work on his website, as well as on Facebook. You can also check out the rest of the Water Wigs project, which includes some rad bald-headed ladies who got in on the fun.