Artist and illustrator Terry Border uses everyday items (mainly food) to create hilarious scenes in his Bent Objects series. Using only a bit of wire, some clever staging, and his snarky sense of humor, Border creates scenarios that are wonderfully surreal, but make total sense at the same time. Some of them might take you a minute to figure out; when you do, you”ll be sure to snicker.

Border”s images have a cheeky sense of humor about them, and often touch on topics of sex, violence, and society”s general weirdness. Since he uses food items and innocuous objects, he can get away with some pretty graphic scenes without making them actually graphic. If these scenes were acted out using human figures, well, we might not be able to show some of them to you. But when a peanut is eating another peanut”s “brain,” it”s suddenly funny instead of upsetting.

Today, Border has published two books featuring his Bent Object series, which is ongoing and pretty popular. The series began in 2006, when Border started sticking wire limbs into objects to create scenes that, for the most part, tell stories. Besides Bent Objects, he also has other series using paperback books, paint chips, and other objects to create witty images. He”s even created a number of stop-motion videos.

Border”s series is ongoing, which means that there”s always something new to see on his site, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also get a behind-the-scenes look on his blog.