Spanish artist Javier Riera has the ability to turn organic forms (mainly trees) into surreal, geometric structures. These structures float off the ground like alien ships or strange wrinkles in the fabric of spacetime. In reality, they”re actually extremely simple, but the effect is quite striking.

Riera uses light projections in the shape of geometric forms and casts them directly onto trees and other natural forms. The results are then photographed, so no digital retouching is used for any of the photos you see here. The projections are simply aimed at trees and powered on. The shape of the projections, along with the areas of darkness surrounding it, creates an optical illusion that makes it appear as if the trees have corners, flat planes, and the ability to float over the ground.

For such a simple process of literally just shining light on trees, the effect completely transforms the landscape. The shapes and the unfamiliar areas of light throw off our context of the landscape and make it seem suddenly unfamiliar. This effect creates impossible, surreal planes and surfaces. Even the green of the trees, which by daylight is perfectly natural and expected, takes on an alien, neon hue in the nighttime projections. By simply shining a light, Riera is able to transform the everyday world into something magical.

Riera says that his work is not only about the juxtaposition of the human-made and the natural, but also about the natural geometry that connects everything. His art, he says, “aspires to expand…perception by reaching out towards the qualities and dimensions that are hidden [to the naked eye],” and to provide a fresh way of looking at familiar things.

(via Ufunk)

Riera first started this series in 2011. You can see more of his work on his official website.