She loves art. She loves coffee. So she figured, why not put the two together?

Maria A. Aristidou, an artist and illustrator based in Cyprus and the U.K., has discovered a new way to create art. Inspired by a wide variety of subjects, she creates remarkable paintings using oil paint, handmade paper, watercolor paper…and coffee.

The first time she created one of these paintings it was actually by accident: as we all know, coffee has a tendency to spill and stain. But she soon discovered she loved making art with the caffeinated drink, and has since created an amazing series devoted to it. Check out her high-impact work below.

She takes this…

She takes this...

And makes THIS.

And makes THIS.

Here”s a time-lapse video of how Aristidou created the R2-D2 portrait.

(via Bored Panda)

I”m really thirsty for a good latte all of sudden!

Sure, coffee gets countless artists up and going each day, but I”ve never seen a cup of joe actually used to create art. It certainly is a fun, charged (we had to!) new method to make beautiful paintings.

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