I bet you”ve never looked twice at your empty toilet paper rolls. You just crumple them up and throw them away, right? Well, not French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet. Since he was a little boy, Jacquet has been interested in paper, and fascinated by what can be made from it.

So it”s no wonder then that he works primarily with paper. His latest series, entitled Masks, is made up of 40 crushed and painted toilet paper rolls that have been shaped into expressive faces. Who the heck would have ever thought you could make such amazing art just from old toilet paper rolls?!

Jacquet at one of his art shows.

Jacquet at one of his art shows.

Those are amazing. Just think of the art you could have been throwing away without realizing it! Here are a few other Jacquet pieces, all still working with just paper and paper products.

(Via: Twisted Sifter)

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