Every winter, there comes a time when you need to break out the cold weather gear. Yes, this means it”s time to dig around for your gloves, scarves, coats and, of course, hats. The cozy toppers pretty much have free range when it comes to how they look, and people seem to be willing to allow hats to be kind of wacky. That said, these hats take the cake for wackiest. (I need them all.)

1. Gimli”s Dwarven Helm


Axe not included.

2. Bane Mask

Bane Mask

Okay, so this might not keep your head very warm, but it”s perfect for stirring up terror in chilly weather.

3. Yoda Hat

Yoda Hat

This felted hat seems to be a hit with this baby.

4. Optimus Prime Hat

Optimus Prime Hat

It folds up into a truck for storage.

5. Mummy Hat and Mask

Mummy Hat and Mask

It”ll keep your nose warm, but this child doesn”t seem too pleased about it.

6. Totoro Hat

Totoro Hat

There”s not much to say about this, other than that it”s adorable.

7. Woodland Creature Hats

Woodland Creature Hats

These handcrafted hats have a slightly ominous feeling, but would be perfect for a walk through the woods.

8. Bender Hat

Bender Hat

It”s best to start your kids on the right path early, and there”s no better role model than Bender, the beer-guzzling, trash-talking robot.

9. Knight Helmet

Knight Helmet

It might not protect you from sword blows, but it will keep your ears warmer. Also, the visor folds down to keep your face warm.

10. Fox Cowl

Fox Cowl

It”s like a hat and a scarf in one.

11. Cthulhu Mask (and gloves!)

Cthulhu Mask (and gloves!)

With a matching set of gloves, your dark powers will certainly be awakened.

12. Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet

This is perfect for running errands on a casual weekend.

13. Brain Hat

Brain Hat

Taking “thinking cap” to a new and literal level.

14. Nursing hat

Nursing hat

The next time someone complains when you breastfeed in public, slap this on your baby”s head. Boom. Decency.

15. Alien Hat

Alien Hat

If you ever want to make someone feel like they”re being watched, you might consider this.

16. Antler Hat

Antler Hat

Dogs need to stay toasty, too, but they”re not always happy about accessorizing.

Hats like these will certainly get you noticed, and might attract a few stares. And if you have that one with the eyeballs, you can stare right back!