When his dog needed a little alone time from an unruly toddler, this dad decided to build it something incredible: a doghouse made without fasteners, nails, or glue. That way, this fortress of solitude could be dismantled and reassembled quickly. So with a bit of free time on his hands, and a very deserving dog, he set to work creating something from scratch.

He began by making a miniature model of the doghouse.

That way, he could plan how it would all come together without wasting materials.

When he figured out what plan would work, he assembled all the materials and tools he’d need to complete the job.


  • Pinewood timber
  • Birch plywood of 4 mm thickness
  • White oak veneer
  • High-gloss lacquer wood wax glue


  • Circular saw
  • Planer and thickness planer
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Paint sprayer scissors
  • Knife

Then it was time to start building out the frame using a series of wood sidings and notched ends.

The notched or slotted ends allowed for a nail-free structure.

Next, he built out the frame.

Then it came time to build the walls; he cut wood panels that would fit in the grooves he’d made in the frame.

Looking good (complete with doghouse siding)!

Finally, he sealed the walls with a high-gloss lacquer after sanding them down.

The result was something pretty special, including a roof that could be removed in an instant for quick access to the dog.

Now it was time to test it out — he put a blanket and a pup inside to make sure everything fit right.


Although, his dog still may need a little more alone time…

If you’d like to see the specific instructions for building this awesome doghouse, check out the full gallery here. It’ll show you everything you need to know to build your own!