It”s difficult to establish exactly what “art” is. It comes in lots of kinds and will be translated in countless techniques. However, regardless who you are and just how you’ll specifically describe art, you are going to agree that Alexa Meade is a talented artist. The various works she creates are stunning and definitely unique. Not just that, but just with some easy tricks, Alexa has the capacity to persuade your mind it”s witnessing something that it actually isn”t. In each one of these pictures, you may think you”re seeing a beautifully coated, unique portrait…

But really…

But really...

Exactly what you”re in fact seeing tend to be live models, painted to seem as a 2-dimensional surrealistic portrait.

Alexa Meade”s art is focused on switching your perspective.

Alexa Meade

With just some simple practices, she’s capable persuade men and women these are typically witnessing one thing they are not.

with only some simple practices, she's able to persuade individuals these are typically witnessing something they are not.

She paints her subjects to look two dimensional.

She paints the woman topics to look two-dimensional.

Even while these are typically perambulating.

Even as they have been walking on.

It”s an incredible occurrence.


She optically compresses 3D area to make it look 2D.

She optically compresses 3D space so as to make it look 2D.

A great deal technology has-been focused on switching 2D pictures into 3D.

plenty technology has been centered on turning 2D photos into 3D.

But Alexa works in reverse.

But Alexa works in reverse.

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