1 Why Nerds Make Great BoyfriendsIn the great wide world your guy options are mr numerous thn ever. Choosing between the jocks, frat boys, hipsters, preppies, etc. probably you have your head spinning. But be sure not to overlook the often ignored nerds. While they may not be smooth or strapping nerds make fantastic boyfriends. Here are just some of the reasons:

2 Thr SmartTheyre Smart
Nerds are typically intelligent, well educated and more often than not, successful. Youll never run out of things to talk about, hell be your go-to for advice, and your parents will surely love him.

3 Thr HotTheyre Hot
Most nerds have an understated kind of hotness about them granted, theyre more boy-next-door than celeb-heartthrob, but many geeks are, in their own way, stylish, adorable and yes hot! The beat part? They dont even know it.

4 Th mk th bt jkThey make the best jokes
Nerds are just funny. Humor, usually developed as a coping mechanism to deal with people being jerks to them, is an invaluable asset in a relationship. A nerd boyfriend will always make you laugh.

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