If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the bizarre controversy that Starbucks is dealing with right now. Everyone seems to have an opinion about those red cups, but while Internet commenters are duking it out on social media, one awesome young artist is busy turning Starbucks cups into vibrant works of art.

Let Carrah Aldridge help you take a break from all of that tension so you can go back to loving your favorite coffee chain.

It all starts with some simple supplies. To create these pieces, Aldridge uses white gel pens, Sharpies, and brightly colored Copic markers.

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And of course, she collects those iconic Starbucks cups.

WIP Thank you for 6000+ likes on my blue Starbucks cup!!! I am in total shock that it has gained soo much support! I wasn’t expecting this much love to be honest

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Rather than cover up the Starbucks logo, she incorporates the ubiquitous mermaid into her designs.

I got the center all colored

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This gorgeous blue creation is by far her most popular cup, and it now has almost 13,000 likes on Instagram!

I got a better photo Starbucks cup art done with copic markers, prismacolor markers and a white Gellyroll pen~ Update: @starbucks NOTICED! I’m glad you all like it! #starbuckscupart #cupart #drawing #art #starbucks #copic #marker #whitecupcontest #WorldofArtists For the first time EVER on my page, this hit 1,000 likes after only 30 minutes it is ALSO my first drawing to ever hit 5-digit likes (ie: 10,000) If you repost this ANYWHERE, please give me credit by linking people to my Instagram please. if you see a theft, please send me a DM and I will handle it. Thanks! #spotlightonartists

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Even though some have more likes than others on social media, there’s no denying that the entire collection is absolutely stunning.

Check out my previous post! I’m hopefully getting more cups, to decorate, tomorrow~ For now, I’m a sick little cupcake who needs lots of sleep/rest. Goodnight~~ #starbucks #cupart #starbuckscupart

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The modest artist says that this black-and-white design isn’t “half bad,” but I think we all know how incredible it is. How cool would this look on a travel mug?

All done with this @Starbucks cup~ Attempted a greyscale theme and it’s not half bad. I hope you guys like it Materials: Copics, sharpie, and a white Gellyroll pen. If you repost this ANYWHERE please tag me, link my Instagram or credit me in some way. If you notice someone claiming it as their own, please inform me and I will handle it. #starbucks #cupart #starbuckscupart #whitecupcontest #marker #traditional #spotlightonartists

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And she doesn’t limit her creativity to one particular style. For this cup, she decided to pay homage to YouTuber Markiplier, who often creates characters of his own.

Markiplier Starbucks cup art the biggest challenge was trying to actually draw characters on the cup rather than doing only normal designs~ I hope he likes it! Please tag @markipliergram below #markiplier #markiplierfanart #starbucks #cupart he also pays attention to tumblr a lot, so I posted it on there as well (link in bio). Reblog if you want, you don’t have to though.

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It’s always cool to see how artists work. Luckily for us, Aldridge shares progress updates on Instagram. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here are all the progress photos leading to the final result~ I hit 8000+ likes on the finished photo last night and I’m just in shock… Omfg thank you #starbucks #cupart #starbuckscupart Also, a reminder that #ColorCarrahsSketch ends on may 16th!!! The contest post is a picture of a bunch of my sketches together~ it’s in the hashtag too. Please enter

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As the battle wages on between those who like the plain red cups and those who don’t, Carrah Aldridge has one simple mission: to make Starbucks cups into something everyone can love.

Work in progress. Last update until tomorrow. I got lazy a few hours ago and stopped working on it doesn’t take that long to do all this. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! My cup designs sort of went completely viral on my birthday, so that was kinda cool #starbucks

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It’s nice to see something upbeat and positive floating around online for a change! Judging by her posts on social media, this young artist just wants to create beautiful work and spread a little bit of happiness to everyone who visits her page.

To see more of Aldridge’s work, be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.