The Moire Seconds Optical Illusion Clock is not your average clock, as made obvious by its name. This special clock creates the illusion that the image on its face changes from a blinking cat to a beating heart as the seconds count down. Don”t be surprised if you end up staring at it for quite a while.

This fun little illusion works by having the second hand of the clock connected to a rotating mask. Due to the rotation of the mask, the clock gradually reveals different parts of its face as time passes. This creates the illusion that the image on the face of the clock is changing, something known as the moire effect (or moire animation).

This concept is really cool, but the cat one is a little creepy. It reminds me of the Felix the Cat clock I had as a kid, which had eyes that moved as a pendulum tail swept back and forth.

Check out the video below to see exactly how the illusion works. Once you figure out the mask system, it demystifies the illusion a bit, but it”s still pretty cool to watch.

(source KBZ)

For more pictures and information, you can check out the clock creator”s page here.