562_multiple-sex-partners-1045457-flash-1045457-flash400One of the most stressful or hilarious conversations you can have depending on whether youre talking to your new girlfriend or group of buddies, respectively is the number of women youve slept with.

These days, with online dating sites and quick-date-arranging apps like Tinder and Hinge augmenting the traditional bars and clubs, it seems like sex is easier to come by than ever. Compared to only a few decades ago when societys morays were much more traditional and restrictive sex is everywhere.

So, what is a normal number of women to have slept with before you settle down? A small number might represent a lack of experience. A big number could just mean that youre a man-whore. There is no right or wrong answer. Here is a guide to what your number might say about you:


If youve slept with fewer than five women in your whole life, you probably restrict sex to relationships only. Alternatively, you might be a devout Christian, Jew or Muslim who does not believe in casual sex and is saving their virginity until marriage. If you have no problem with random sex and still havent slept with more than five women, your flirtation game might need an upgrade.


This is a healthy range of sexual partners. According to a study published in Health Survey for England, the average British man has 9.3 sexual partners throughout his lifetime. If you strive to be an overachiever in life, these are your numbers to beat.


If youve slept with 20 women, youre already an above-average penetrator. Youve clearly been doing something right.


Lets hope that you live in New York City; otherwise, numbers of this scale probably attest to your huge yachts, mansions and budget, or celebrity status. At 50 sexual partners, youre on the level of Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin Farrell.


After double digits, the numbers start to get freakish. This level is occupied by a few select humans. You could be a guest on any number of talk shows and should probably investigate a book or movie deal. Were going to guess that you racked up this kind of figure by having a couple of interesting multiple-partner experiences. Damn. Please practice safe sex!


This is the simply-unbelievable number of sexual partners claimed by NBA star Wilt Chamberlain. Think about all the babies that would have created in pre-birth control days. Wow.