chinaI just got back from this girls apartment who I met at the bar when I was out last night. How did I do this? Basically, I spotted her at the bar, talked to her for a bit, and then had the most intense make-out I probably ever had. She was in that make-out ready state and I was going to be that guy. I knew those things because I learned them from The Tao of Badass.

Let me back up a little first. It was the kind of make out that you see some dude and some girl doing at the bar, right at the bar, that looks like the hottest thing youve ever seen. Im talking jaw-moving, arched back, intense tongue action. Its the kind of making out that says these two people are having guaranteed sex somewhere nearby. Maybe theyll make it back to one of their places, but thats doubtful. It was exactly the type of make out I never used to have, until now.

I always wanted that guy to be me. My problem was that I had no idea how I was going to get that to happen. Luckily, a college friend of mine who was visiting told me about The Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer. Now, I had seen my friend in action back in school, and he had about the same batting average as me. But that was a while ago. While he was visiting me, we went out and I saw that he could have taken ANY of the girls who were at the club that night back home to my place where he was crashing. And he did take one of them. I let them use my room, and I took the Tao of Badass with me to read while I ate an early morning breakfast. What I learned probably changed the course of my sex life forever.

I learned that it wasnt really me keeping the girls from throwing themselves at me, it was how I was looking at the girls who were available. I was going after the completely wrong type of woman. The Tao of Badass taught me how to spot exactly the type of girl I could hook up with after just forty seconds of talking to her. Part of the problem was that this was exactly the type of girl that I would not have looked at before, women I totally missed out on having tons of sex with. It wasnt the girl who looked like she was dressed to get laidshe just wanted you to buy her drinks. It was the girl who looked like she cared about herself, and wanted guys to notice her, but wasnt flashy, and didnt scream for attention. I had wasted all this time going after her friend. So I knew who I had to talk to, but The Tao of Badass also taught me to know how receptive she was by watching for her signs. Did you know that you can tell which women are trying to tell you theyre available by how their eyes move around the room and how they position their bodies? I also learned new ways of talking to ladies that totally made them find what I had to say irresistible. Its about telling them exactly what they dont expect to hear. Put all these things together and you have a girl who is make out ready and you are on your way to being that guy, just like me.

Theres a lot more to find out, but dont just take my word for it. Check out The Tao of Badass right now.