Start stockpiling your hoot and owl puns now. For a week in March, Londoners will be able to enjoy a variety of high-quality cocktails with some very cute avian friends: owls!

Annie the Owl, a pop-up bar, will be open in London”s SoHo area from March 19 through 25, and, as you can imagine, it”s causing quite the stir. In fact, the demand is so high that seating is being raffled off, with all proceeds going to the U.K.”s Barn Owl Centre, which provides conservation services for owls.

Some of the owls that will be mingling at the owl bar:

Some of the owls that will be mingling at the owl bar:

Annie, the leader.

Ruby, the exotic one

Darwin, the caring one

The bar is named for Annie, who is described as the “Queen” of the owls that will be hanging out at the bar, who are collectively known as the “Owl Pack.” Each of the six owls has a name and personality, and each comes with a professional falconer that will accompany the birds at all times. The owls have been trained to be familiar with groups of people.

Owl cafes actually already exist.

Owl cafes actually already exist.

An owl bar in Japan.

The concept of the animal restaurant is nothing new. In Japan, you can choose from cat, dog, and fox cafes as well as several owl cafes. The cafes there vary in their rules regarding patrons interacting with the birds; some keep people and owls separate, while others allow customers to hold the birds.

As with any non-domesticated animal, professionals advise being careful with owls (they have really sharp claws), and to respect their boundaries. And keeping owls as pets is generally considered a bad idea, hence the short life of London”s owl bar.

Owls in a habitat in one of Japan”s owl cafes.

Some of the cafes in Japan allow customers to handle the birds, while others are stricter.

And, of course, the cafes serve up owl-themed treats. No word on whether or not Annie the Owl in London will be taking advantage of the owl theme with their cocktails. An “owled fashioned” and a “birdy martini with owlives” are our suggestions.

Okay, let”s just look at pictures of adorable owls now.

Okay, let

While it will only be around for a week, we predict that Annie the Owl will be quite the, er, hoot. Those who are lucky enough to be chosen for entry will receive two cocktails and two hours” time hanging out with Annie, Darwin, Ruby, Cinders, Winston, and Hootie. If you”re in the London area, you can enter for tickets on the website. And if you win, please take pictures for those of us stranded on the other side of the Atlantic.