What Each Kiss MeansKissing is amazing. It is a special way of showing your attitude to a person. We express love, affection, passion through this international act of communication. Have you ever paid attention to the meaning of kisses? Every person has his/her own style of kissing, but the general meaning of each kiss can be usually related to all of us. There are certain signs people unintentionally send when kissing others this or that way. There are many types of kisses, and we are about to discover the true meanings behind them. So, read the article and try to better understand people you kiss.

The hand kiss
It may seem at first there is nothing special about this kiss, but its definitely not true. The kiss on the hands shows respect, adoration and gratitude.

The cheek kiss
This type of kisses usually shows tenderness and support. It is often used by friends and relatives to greet or say goodbye. If the guy you like kisses you on the cheek he wants to say he has feelings for you and he is ready to take your relationship to the next level.

The forehead kiss
The meaning of the forehead kiss depends on the situation. If you experience tough times in your long-term relationship it usually means its time to say goodbye to each other. If everything is great or you just start dating the forehead kiss means he really cares about you.

The Eskimo kiss
Its probably the cutest kiss. It is mostly used by parents and their kids as a sign of tenderness and affection. Couples in love also use it to show their deep feelings. An eskimo kiss is the act of pressing the tip of ones nose against anothers.

The air kiss
The air kiss is commonly used by relatives and friends to say hello or goodbye. If the guy you like uses it he says youre just friends.

The angel kiss
If you want to wake up your half, kiss him gently on the eyelids or anywhere near his eyes. Its awesome to start a day with the angel kiss. This type of kiss is perfect for demonstrating your love and adoration. You can also give the angel kiss if you are going to travel without him.

The lip kiss
Friends, usually girls, may kiss each other on the lips quickly and barely touching. But it is usually carried out by couples in love or people who like each other and want to date. There are many types of lip kisses (the French kiss, the single-lip kiss etc.) Each of them shows affection and passion, and usually means I love you.

The Spiderman kiss
The Spiderman kiss belongs to the lip kiss family. It is often used by couples to show love and have fun at the same time. Have you already tried kissing this way?

The neck kiss
The French kiss often followed by the neck kiss. Your partner tries to tell you he wants more intimacy and passion when he kisses you on the neck. Remember this.

The shoulder kiss
Its a very romantic kiss. It doesnt necessarily means your guy wants more intimacy right now, but it does mean he is deeply in love with you and cares about your feelings. He thinks youre perfect.