“We are a tourist trap.”

That”s the way the folks at Trundle Manor introduce themselves. Located in Swissvale, PA, outside of Pittsburgh, the old house (built in 1910) seems like an unusual destination. It looks pretty much like any other house in the area. Though if you get a little closer, you might notice the coffins on the porch.

That”s because inside, the house is anything but ordinary. The owners, who go by the names Mr. Arm and Velda Von Minx (actually Anton Miriello and Rachel Rech), have collected tons of bizarre memorabilia for many years. Instead of hiding their extraordinary collection behind closed doors, they decided to open the house to the public, creating an attraction in the spirit of old roadside weirdness.

From the outside, even with the lights, Trundle Manor looks like a fairly unassuming house in Swissvale, PA.

Trixy is the resident vehicle of Trundle Manor, a refurbished 1952 Dodge pickup. During the warmer months, this vehicle travels around with a mini collection of the house”s curiosities, offering a creepy little glimpse of the manor to people elsewhere.

The Trundle Manor personnel are a weird and wacky bunch. They seem like fun.

The collection is vast, but it all comes with something of a macabre twist. It includes coffins, jarred animals, and taxidermy specimens. It also features weapons, primitive medical devices, and all manner of strange, fascinating items. If you want to just check out all the creeptastic things, they offer comprehensive tours.

A display inside Trundle Manor.

This little dude is one of the many preserved creatures–and parts of creatures–that share Trundle Manor with the human inhabitants.

Medical models and actual medical specimens (including a preserved human tumor) are also in abundance.

Weapons, medical equipment, preserved animals, and anything creepy are up for the gawking.

This duckling with bat wings is just one example of the many bizarre taxidermied creations found in Trundle Manor. These are known as “gaffs,” or hybrid creatures made out of spare parts for fun. Velda Von Mix states that “We like bad taxidermy better than good taxidermy. Just like we love B movies better.” Most of the taxidermy is antique.

Blogger J.W. Ocker visited the Manor and wrote about it on his blog.

This taxidermied piece of a black bear (in a top hat) stands over the table. We hope he doesn”t shed too much at breakfast.

Each room is chock full of bizarre, macabre items from years past.

In addition to the collection, Trundle Manor also functions as an artists” residence and exhibition space with ever-changing exhibits. They also host events including live music and movie nights. For all this, there”s never any charge, as the whole thing exists on donations. Money is always good, but they”ll also gladly accept creepy items and hard liquor (not beer). And yes, there is a gift shop.

You can check out more about the Manor on their website. You can also keep up with events, new items, and other general weirdness on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you need something creepy yourself, check out their Etsy page.