When you are crazy in love you get into the world of two just you and your boyfriend/girlfriend which nobody else understands. You feel like your in a bubble seeing everything else around but somehow isolated on your own imaginary planet. With your loved one, you are different you may talk weird, behave weird, do crazy stuff together. Though each couple is unique, there are little cute things that each couple will probably have tried together. The following things may look or sound weird but if you do them you may be sure you are a real couple now!

  • Brush teeth together

2 Brush teeth togetherEverybody is used to the fact that people in relationships can share a bathroom with no trouble. They take showers together even without having sex while in this moist environment. But brushing teeth is different. You know its love when you can fill your mouth with that white minty thing, brush your teeth, talk strangely during the process and spit all in front of another person. Brushing your teeth together takes real intimacy to a new level. It also means that youve spent the night with a person and can start a new day together. Or if you are brushing teeth in the evening it means you are going to have some cozy time and fall sleep after cuddling.

  • Try on each others clothes.

3 Try on each other's clothesWhen a girl wears her boyfriends shirt its sexy. When a guy puts on girlfriends blouse or heels its funny. Either way, its not a waste of time. Its kind of pleasant to see someone you love wearing your clothes and feeling comfortable, though looking absolutely weird. Other reasons couples like to exchange clothes sharing, I suppose. You want to share everything from your impressions and views to your jeans and food. By the way, speaking about food…

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