Thanks to this wonderful thing we call the Internet, you can see things that you dont always get to see unless your lucky enough to be there, wherever it happens to be, whatever it may be. Sitting on the beach for example, specifically in this case Ehukai Beach in Haleiwa Hawaii watching professional surfers compete on the Banzai Pipeline over the next 7 days.


The Volcom Pipe Pro is now being broadcast live with RedBull TV showing the entire 9 hours of competition that is scheduled to start at 7:30am HST/11:30am CST and will use the best surfing days until February 7th. Today was the 2nd day of the event and its being said that the Banzai Pipeline offers up some of the best waves and surfing youll ever see live according to surfers.

Watch The Live Broadcast Here


So if youre land-locked and its freezing cold outside, like it just so happens to be here in my neck of the woods, maybe you need to take a little time and sit back and enjoy some beautiful weather and intense waves. Who knows, you might even catch a few sexy females walking around in skimpy bikinis. That is if youre into that sort of thing.

Watch Day 1 On Demand Here

Some of the best waves and surfing youll ever see live

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