The next time you find yourself bored at your job (as we all are sometimes), don”t stare off into space. Instead, go on a desk safari! Mike Whiteside and Ben Robinson came up with the whole “desk safari” idea while they had nothing to do at work. The pair wanted to transform the office into a more entertaining space. They began by taking pictures of each other… but with a special adjustment.

By perfectly aligning each other with animals on their computer monitors, they transformed. VOILA, Desk Safari was created. If you want to go on safari yourself, just save a picture of an animal as your computer”s background image. Then, get one of your co-workers to line up juuuuust right and then take a picture.

It”s simple. It”s fun. It”s something your boss probably won”t catch you doing. Even if you think it”s stupid now, soon you”ll see the appeal:

(H/T Desk Safari)

Mike and Ben are geniuses.

Don”t let boredom get the best of you. Instead, go on safari with your friends. If anything, it”ll help jump start any creative process you”ve been putting off. (Or, you can just use it to procrastinate.) Either way, it”ll be hilarious. Click below to share these Desk Safari photos with others.