Who knew that, not only were vegetables good for you, but they were also submarines and helicopters?



Typically, potatoes don”t make great playthings. But, thanks to Open Toys, they can! A French company named Le FabShop created the plastic vegetable accessories (which is not a phrase you hear often) so you can transform plain old veggies into submarines, jets, helicopters and all kinds of crazy hybrid vehicles. Simply stick the propellers, wings, fins and what-have-you into a vegetable of your choosing and turn it into a vehicle.

There is some good news/bad news that goes with Open Toys. The good news is that you don”t have to wait for shipping, as they are instantly downloadable and, even better, completely free. The bad news is that you need access to an 3D printer to actually get the physical items. 3D printers are becoming more and more commonplace, but they”re still not exactly found in every home. Still, the concept of downloading and printing a toy, or any other item, speaks to a possible new way of exchanging goods and information in this digital age.

Via Colossal