colorful hair streaks

Colorful hair streaks is the new stylish hair trend for the spring season. Designers such as Acne, Thakoon, Peter Som, and Narciso Rodriguez were all seen sporting this look down the runways. Its a bold yet rebellious look for spring! One can easily experiment with this colored streaks trend with hair dye or by adding hair extensions.

I must say that I was super surprised to see models with hair color streaks down so many spring runways. Just look at the above hairstyles with color streaks. You can not tell me that this look isnt super cool. :)

The style this spring season is all about bold color so why not add it to your hair?

Again, color hair extensions is a quick way to add color to your hair without damaging your locks. But if youre looking for an inexpensive solution thats fast, easy, and doesnt require going to the salon, then an at home hair dye product is the perfect solution. One super affordable option is using kool aid (yes, kool aid) as a hair dye or my fave product- Streekers!

Heres a quick description:

With Streekers, its easier than ever to be fashion forward this spring. Achieving hot, vibrant hair color doesnt have to mean spending hours at the salon. You can simply select your favorite color shade and apply it directly to your hair for an instant show-stopping look. Change your color, change your look or change your mind Streekers 8 hot shades wash out easily, for a permanent look with no commitment.

Streekers uses an innovative technology to achieve true temporary hair color so if youre wondering, its not a mascara, a crayon, or a paint.

Streekers are available in these 8 colorful shades: Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Ultra Violet.

How to Get This Look!


To start, lift hair up and away from your scalp in small sections. Then apply Streekers to dry hair, from root to tip, in long strokes. It dries pretty fast too so only wait a minute between color streaks when youre designing 2-3-4 tone effects.


Ready to take it off? Just shampoo. Rinse. Repeat as needed. Thats it!
FYI: For bleached blonde hair you may need to shampoo your hair 2-3 times before the color is completely out. If you get color on the skin, no worries. Just wash the area with soap and water.

You can find Streekers at all Ulta stores or Amazon for $11.95 each!

So what did you think? Bold color streaks in hair…Yay or Nay?