Liga Klavina”s illustrations can transport you to your favorite book of fairy tales from childhood. Hailing from Latvia, artist and illustrator Klavina creates these timeless images using watercolor and ink. She uses delicate lines and soft colors to bring favorite characters, both old and new, to life.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

<i>East of the Sun, West of the Moon</i>

An illustration for the Norwegian fairy tale, in which a girl must save a prince.

Cold Hands

<i>Cold Hands</i>

Under the Stars

<i>Under the Stars</i>

An illustration from Tolkien”s The Silmarillion.

Unhappy Fate

<i>Unhappy Fate</i>

From The Silmarillion.



A Tolkien character.



From the Harry Potter series.

Elements – Earth

<i>Elements - Earth</i>

Faerie Night

<i>Faerie Night</i>

A Storm is Coming

<i>A Storm is Coming</i>

A Tolkien character.

At Mother”s Grave

<i>At Mother

An illustration for Cinderella, where our heroine plants a hazel tree on her mother”s grave. This provides her with the gowns and slippers for the ball.

Twilight and Mist

<i>Twilight and Mist</i>

Legend has it that a ring of mushrooms is a “fairy ring” that can be perilous to unsuspecting humans.



A Tolkien character.

Winter Fairy Tale

<i>Winter Fairy Tale</i>



The heroine from the fairy tale The Wild Swans, about a girl who must save her seven brothers from a magic spell.

Rosehip Crown

<i>Rosehip Crown</i>

Her work”s classic, traditional look is appealing in its nostalgic feeling and approachable nature. However, Klavina keeps her work fresh and modern with subtle, sophisticated color choices and a looseness of paint application that makes the images appear to shimmer. The light, quick brushstrokes and linework prevent the images from becoming too stuffy or heavy. The cleanly drawn faces have a modern look, and the result is a blend of the classic with the new. Though her work deals with fairy tale and fantasy, her images remain grounded thanks to their subtlety. However, that”s not to say they aren”t perfectly magical.

You can see more of Klavinas work on deviantART, as well as on Facebook.