It”s the end of the year and we all have plenty of projects we”ve completed in the last 12 months that we”re very proud of. As we look back on our past creations, we also look forward to a new year of fun crafts and awesome projects.

To get you inspired for the upcoming year of opportunity, here”s a list of the best DIY creations we saw in 2014. Which ones will you add to your list?

1. Map of Middle Earth

Map of Middle Earth

This giant map of Middle Earth definitely went a long way in making 2014 an awesomely creative year. See how the artists completed the map here.

2. R2-Beer2


Have you ever wanted to build your own themed kegerator? Ever wanted to build your own R2-D2 kegerator? Because this guy did. And it”s awesome.

3. Cardboard Millennium Falcon

Cardboard Millennium Falcon

That”s right. Someone out there (a saint, in my mind) decided to spend a large quantity of time constructing a cardboard replica of the Millennium Falcon. #Hero

4. Seinfeld Fish Tank

<em>Seinfeld</em> Fish Tank

This was a pretty amazing project, and one that definitely shows the commitment of a true fan – see how he did it here.

5. Han Solo in Carbonite

Han Solo in Carbonite

This was obviously built by a mega-fan, but that doesn”t mean the rest of us can”t appreciate the hard work and skill that went in to recreating Han Solo captured in carbonite.

6. Penny Table

Penny Table

One man took a bunch of pennies, did a ton of work, and ended up with something amazing.

7. Minecraft Room

Minecraft Room

This room, remodeled to look like Minecraft, is any fan”s dream.

8. Constellation Art

Constellation Art

This awesome creation was made with simple materials, but came out looking absolutely amazing. Imagine being able to look at constellations on your wall whenever you turn out the lights. So cool.

9. Game of Thrones Table Map

<em>Game of Thrones</em> Table Map

Not only can you eat off of this flawless table featuring a map of Westeros, you can also plan future conquests to expand your kingdom (if you”re into that sort of thing).

10. Bentley on Wheels

Bentley on Wheels

A family whose corgi was diagnosed with a disease that was paralyzing their dog”s hind legs, built a contraption that would allow him to walk around freely.

11. LED Cube

LED Cube

This complex LED cube is one of the coolest creations I”ve ever seen. See how it was made and how it looks in action here.

12. Stainless Steel Acoustic Guitar

Stainless Steel Acoustic Guitar

The instructions for this stainless steel guitar are not for the casual DIY-er, but it is nevertheless a commendable achievement.

13. Word Clock That Wish”s You “Happy Birthday”

Word Clock That Wish

Word clocks are pretty cool. But word clocks that are designed to remember your birthday are even cooler. This clock was custom made for a couple so it would wish them “Happy Birthday” every year.

14. Scrapwood Dinner Table

 Scrapwood Dinner Table

It”s always great when something that you thought was trash can be turned into something beautiful. This gorgeous table was made using wood scraps that would”ve gone to the dump, had they not been salvaged.

15. All-In-One Camping Van

All-In-One Camping Van

This person was fed up with camping the old-fashioned way. Instead, they brought camping in style to a whole new level.

16. Homemade Boat

Homemade Boat

A father and son in England built a huge boat in their backyard. The only way to get it out of the back yard was via crane.

17. Revamped Mini Trailer

Revamped Mini Trailer

Who says you can”t travel in style and comfort? This remodeled trailer was made from a 1970s reject. As you can see, it came out the other side.

Another year, another great group of DIY projects! I”m certainly looking forward to what creativity comes out of 2015.