Did you ever wonder what the inside of a Ninja Turtle looked like? How about the Little Mermaid? No? Well, now you can, anyway, thanks to Vienna-based street artist and muralist Nychos. His large-scale murals show your favorite childhood cartoon characters, as well as other bright and friendly looking creatures, dissected with clinical precision and terrifyingly evident glee.

Ariel is apparently half salmon.

Nychos” brightly colored, ooey-gooey images are startling. However, even with their gross-out appearances, they have a strange charm about them, and they”re not gory given the subject matter. Also, for images completed in spray paint, the details are incredible. We can see all the veins and arteries, the teeth, bones, and organs. Somehow, the combination of the cartoonish colors and the scientific approach to the bodies makes them suitable (with guts, nudity, and all) to be in a public space.

Maybe it”s because they all look so happy to show off their insides.

No skeleton? No problem.

Though dissected, Nychos” subjects remain as alert and lifelike as ever, making the artwork a little less gory and more humorous.

He also includes the shadows, making the figures appear to jump right off the walls.

(via BoredPanda)

When he”s not traveling the world creating these bizarre images, Nychos can be found heading Rabbit Eye Movement, an organization providing space and exposure for artists and illustrators across the globe. If you can”t get enough of his creepy work, you can check out more of it on Nychos” Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.