When we first wrote about artist and illusionist Hikaru Cho, she was painting food to look like other food. Luckily for us, she”s been creating new work ever since, and her portfolio now includes some mind-bending body painting, showcasing some fascinating — if slightly unsettling — stop-motion videos.

Cho also creates still images of painted bodies, and they”re no less surreal. Creating negative space with black paint on a black background, she can completely alter the shapes of bodies, or make parts of them disappear completely! Refreshingly, neither the photos nor the videos have been digitally altered in any way.

Super Fast Charging

<i>Super Fast Charging</i>

Wireless Charging

<i>Wireless Charging</i>

Both of these pieces were inspired by Samsung”s Galaxy S6 smartphone, and also by how technology”s become so closely tied to everyday life.

Yes, this is a man.

You can see more of Cho”s work on her website and on Facebook.