In a project showing some serious dedication, graphic designer Remy Boire and artist Xavier Casalta teamed up to create a single illustration. That might not sound like much, but the whole thing was created using pointillism, the practice of creating lines, shapes, and shadows with nothing but dots (it”s also known as stippling). The result, from a distance, looks like a smoothly shaded drawing, but it”s entirely made of black ink dots and lines on white paper. Casalta has worked with pointillism for over a year, perfecting the spacing of the dots to create the illusion of a solid tone. He estimates that he can lay down four to eight dots per second.

The image was mapped out in pencil on a 22×30 piece of paper.

The components were inked in carefully (very carefully). From afar, they look like smoothly shaded areas of gray.

Everything is actually black and white. The closeness and thickness of the lines creates the illusion of a gradient.

Up close, the smooth color is revealed to be thousands and thousands of tiny ink dots, created with a super-fine pen.

The letters have varying densities of dots in them, making them appear almost metallic at a distance.

The two spent over 300 hours creating this.

Boire and Casalta met up several times over the course of a few months. They clocked some 300 hours of work on the single piece. The illustration measures 22 by 30 inches. The plaque in the center was entirely created from dots. The branches and decorative elements surrounding it are linework, which is still pretty impressive.

The finished product!

The words on the illustration, “Patience & Discipline,” reflect, of course, the hours of dedication, cramped fingers, and concentration that went into creating this piece. As Casalta explains, “Through this collaboration, we wanted to express the importance of careful planning and craftsmanship. But ultimately, we wanted to show that anything was possible with hard work, time, and commitment.”

You can buy prints of the piece at their Behance page, and you can also check out Boire”s and Casalta”s online shops.

Via BoredPanda