When you look at the food below, you”re probably thinking of savory flavors and hot meals of meats, vegetables, and cheeses. They”re appetizing to the point where you can almost taste them.

Yet you”d be wrong with these foods. All of these meals are actually cakes, including the sushi, brie, baguette, and rack of ribs. They”re all handmade by cake artist Debbie of Debbie Does Cakes, a San Francisco-based bakery that creates custom-built, sculpted cakes. A sculpted cake, according to Debbie, is “a cake carved by hand to resemble anything other than cake.”

Debbie got her start creating extraordinary cakes at an “erotic bakery” (really), but soon graduated onto other, more safe-for-work projects. Each cake is meticulously crafted to resemble their source material as closely as possible, from the browned edges of a fried egg to the logo on a bag of Doritos.

By her own account, Debbie has no formal training in pastry arts, but she always had a love for creating. She happened to work in a deli when her cake decorator boss retired, and honed her skills on the go from that point on.

The food isn”t the only part of this tableau that”s secretly cake. The cutting board, wine bottle, plate, and utensils are also cake.

Debbie knew there was something to creating slightly unsettling cakes almost immediately, back when she was promoting her then-nascent business. On submitting her work to a well-known cake sculptor, she was met with the response that her work was great, but to “please remove the dead rat cake” picture.

“I knew that if a cake could spark such aversion, I was onto something,” Debbie recalls.

Debbie doesn”t only create cake that looks like other foods. Her cakes also take the shape of machinery, shoes, animals, everyday items, and even a pretty terrifying Eraserhead baby. You can also find a good number of horror-themed cakes, complete with fully edible blood spatter.

(via Twisted Sifter)

You can see more of Debbie”s work on her website, as well as on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. (No, she doesn”t have anything up from the days of her “erotic bakery” job.) You can also check out Twisted Cakes, her published book covering all her horror-themed creations.