I had the fortunate (or misfortune) of finding the following photos before I had any idea what was going on. As I checked them out, I really had no idea what was going on. Either the world is full of crazier people than I originally thought, or… well, that”s about as far as I got. As it turns out, a man by the name of Mark Jenkins is behind all of this. And what he uses to create it is nothing short of artistic brilliance.

In case you couldn”t guess – and there”s a good chance you couldn”t – Mark uses packing tape to create all of these creative sculptures. Yes, packing tape. From Wikipedia:

“Mark Jenkins is an American artist most widely known for the street installations he creates using clear packing tape. Jenkins” practice of street art is to use the “street as a stage” where his sculptures interact with the surrounding environment including passersby who unknowingly become actors.”

Creative. Awesome. I love it. Share his work on Facebook if you like it. And check out his site, too.