Who says an office space has to be boring? Who says it has to be expensive? Using a commonly found and commonly discarded material, Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk and Amsterdam design company Nothing created a seriously stylish office suite. The whole thing, including the walls, desks, shelves, and stairs, was created from 15 mm honeycomb cardboard. It”s light, portable, and easily repairable. Did we also mention that it looks great?

The modular aspect of the project means it can be adapted depending on the space where it”s installed. Even though it”s just made of cardboard, damages would be cheap and easy to repair. In addition, it”s recycled material, so its production footprint is quite small.

As far as the installation itself goes, it”s extra impressive when you realize that van Bleiswijk used no glue or fasteners to put this together. Everything is cut, folded, and fitted snugly to create the forms.

The overall plan of the cardboard workspace features two levels and a closed room. The cardboard is strong enough to support furniture and people. This is like what you wished the results looked like when you stacked up appliance boxes as a child.

The office suite can be installed into a room, making it easy to furnish the office. It”s made from cheap material, but sturdy enough to hold humans and furniture.

Due to its design, with cubbies, closets, and multiple levels, the office can fit into a pretty small space, making it ideal for tight urban spaces.

Other furniture can be brought in, as can windows, like in this little reception/hangout area.

It comes complete with power outlets for computers and lights.

Cute tea sets in the meeting room? Sounds like a dream job.

It wouldn”t be complete without some personalization.

(via BonjourLife)

The next time you”re faced with some drab industrial carpeting or tasteless white cubicle walls, take solace in the fact that this adorable dream cardboard office does, in fact, exist. You can also check out some of van Bleiswijk”s other cool designs on his website.