A lot of us had collections of stuffed animals when we were kids. They were a source of comfort, of companionship, and of course, they”re also pretty adorable. But what happens to those once prized possessions when we grow up?

Ian Cox of Mozy Store on Etsy, recently came across a huge old collection of stuffed animals and Beanie Babies. Relics from childhoods past, he wanted to come up with a way to preserve them. He decided to preserve them like others do real animals – with taxidermy. The playful form of art is certainly more humane than the traditional sense but you can definitely see the connection between these two types of “stuffed animals.”

It”s pretty amusing to see the cute faces of these stuffed animals mounted like moose heads. There”s a wide variety of adorable animals here, so there”s something for everyone.


(via Reddit)

When they”re all together, it”s actually really cute and fun to look at. If you”re not feeling ambitious enough to behead your old stuffed animals, you can purchase these ones here. Because who doesn”t want an adorable stuffed animal mounted up on their wall?