Finding or making an awesome Halloween costume can cause a lot of stress. First of all, you need to decide what you want to be. Then, you have to think about the details: how much will it cost? Will it be comfortable? Can you make it at home? Will you freeze your butt off walking around in it? More often than not, store-bought costumes are expensive, cheaply made, and very, very uncomfortable.

…But this girl from The Crooked Feather has it figured all out. She didn’t get her costume from a store. Instead, she made it herself and it paid off amazingly.

It’s hard not to be legitimately jealous of these pneumatic wings. WOW.


That’s a truly impressive mechanism for anyone to make, let alone someone so young (and who doesn’t appear to be a professional). She wins Halloween in her community, that’s for sure.

How did she make those wings? How long did it take? Where did she get those feathers?! So many questions, so much awesome.

If you love what she did, visit The Crooked Feather’s store page to see her handcrafted wings and accessories!