This story is like a spine-chilling horror film, but one that is devoid of hand-held camera footage, predictable scenes, and obtuse characters. This series of events took place between the late 1940s and 1950s. It is a true story which you can tell your friends when you sit around a bonfire this Halloween simply because the facts presented here can give you nightmares.

Warning: Graphic content.

Edward Theodore Gein or Ed Gein inspired the creation of the most infamous characters in the movie industry such as Norman Bates in the thriller Psycho; Leatherface in the slasher film Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and Jame Gumb or Buffalo Bill in the 1992 Oscar Academy Award best picture The Silence of the Lambs.

This is Edward Theodore Geins story.

He was a serial killer


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Gein was a man who completely lost his sanity shortly after his mother, Augusta Crafter, a fanatical Lutheran, passed away in 1945. He was an atrocious and sadistic man who preyed on middle-aged corpses who resembled his overbearing mom.

He wanted to have a sex change, but later opted to make women suits instead so he could embody his mothers identity. Gein began digging graves, stealing dead bodies…

And bringing them home


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Having the knowledge and skill in upholstery, he skinned the dead bodies.

Gein would then tan some of the skins


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So he could mold them into suits


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In November 1957, Ed Gein murdered a local hardware store employee from Plainfield named Bernice Worden. The police found her decapitated body hanging upside down like an animal in an abattoir. Investigators said she had a gunshot wound from a .22 caliber rifle.

Worden was mutilated post-mortem


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Her rib cage was split open, and her internal organs were removed. Gein also admitted to murdering Mary Hogan, who was reported missing in 1954. Hogan died from a gunshot as well.

The police discovered the rest of his macabre collection after they found Wordens body in Geins shed. They found various items and pieces of furniture…

They were all made from human body parts


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Such as this trunk


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This work gloves made from human skin


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