Consider this the most considerate street art out there. Australian street art duo Hyde & Seek create wonderfully playful public art using, for the most part, removable materials. Yet their pieces look so great and are clever in their creation that it would be hard to remove them.

The pair uses everyday items like colored plastic cups, paint chip-like pieces of paper, little plastic toy soldiers, and even toast to create large-scale images in an unexpected way. They”ve also been known to use street signs to help them express humorous messages. The process of using preexisting items like signs and urban features is known as “hijacking,” but in a playful way, of course.

When I See You

<i>When I See You</i>

This was created just by sticking differently-colored cups into a chainlink fence. It”s incredibly simple, but totally effective as a piece of art.

Before installing the piece in public, Hyde & Seek first creates the arrangement.

She Blows

<i>She Blows</i>

Hyde & Seek operate in Adelaide, Australia, and enjoy spreading art in fun, unexpected ways that make people look at the world around them in a slightly different way. They also seem to like the concept of creating large-scale public works of art out of small objects that are not known for their artmaking potentials.

Sky in the Eye

<i>Sky in the Eye</i>

Instead of cups, this piece uses pieces of paper to achieve the same overall effect, but with a different texture.

Peace (of toast) Palace

<i> Peace (of toast) Palace</i>

Taking a literal approach to Instagram filters.

Bread Astaire

<i>Bread Astaire</i>

This portrait of the famous dancer and actor was created using slices of bread toasted to varying tones and arranging them in the correct order.

The Battle

<i>The Battle</i>

This piece is entirely composed of those little plastic Army men you used to play with as a kid.

And suddenly, the title makes sense.

It”s a Sign


This series simply sees stop signs tweaked to spell out little messages.

They also feature some throwback musical references.

Hyde & Seek seem to have no limit to their clever take on the world, and we hope to see more from them. In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date on their latest pieces on Facebook and Instagram.