Artist Helen Ahpornsiri brings out the beauty of the natural world through her art in a number of ways. For one, she dedicates her time to faithfully recreating the delicate shapes of insects, sea creatures, birds, and other critters, giving viewers a new appreciation for their shapes and symmetry. Ahpornsiri also creates these pieces out of nature itself, using pressed ferns and other plants to make the shapes of her subjects.

Even when cut up and rearranged, the natural beauty of the ferns shines through. Ahpornsiri also uses ferns to suggest features of the animals, like limbs and markings.

From a distance, Ahpornsiri”s artwork looks like detailed ink drawings or even fabric-like patterns. Yet when viewed up close, you can see that each creature is made from a carefully arranged collection of ferns. The ferns have been meticulously selected and sliced to create the proper shapes and outlines, and the natural beauty of the plants is enhanced even more when they”re arranged next to each other.

Ahpornsiri lives in the East Sussex countryside in England, where she finds endless inspiration in nature. She collects her ferns locally and presses them in books. Once they”re dry and flat, she uses a knife to cut them into the desired pieces. Her creations can range in size from several inches across, to tiny images barely bigger than a coin.

The densely packed ferns give the impression of a carpet or textile, and come in a striking array of colors.

Ahpornsiri at work in her studio.

You can find more of Ahpornsiri”s work on her website. She even has prints for sale on her Etsy shop. Ahpornsiri also creates artwork in ink, cut and folded paper, and fabrics, all featured on her website and Instagram.