Flipbooks, which are a comprised of a series of still images that are flipped through quickly to create the illusion of motion, are timelessly charming. Maybe you had one of the old classics, like the running horse or walking human. Maybe you”ve even made one or two, doodling in the margins of a notebook. Japanese publisher Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo, though, is giving the classic flipbook an update with intricate illustrations and cut paper elements that add a 3D effect.

Instead of simply using drawn images, these also incorporate cut paper elements to create a three-dimensional image in addition to the two-dimensional one. The cut-out spaces are then used to add even more to the images. As you”ll see in the video, the negative space becomes part of the illustration. The books also feature secret compartments, the contents of which are slowly revealed as the pages are turned.

The books are available for purchase on Amazon, and there are many to choose from. Or you could use these images as inspiration to create your own!