I hope you aren”t hungry right now, but if you are… Well, you will probably change your mind when you imagine taking a big bite of one these tasty looking treats. Artists T.Q. Lee and Jessica Dance have incredible talent when it comes to creating food out of things you definitely don”t want to eat.

For Lee, he found inspiration in the vintage food photography he grew up with in the 80s with their brightly colored, picturesque portraits. However, he decided to take a different, “modern,” approach with this ingredient list. Dance created her woolly odes in collaboration with photographer David Sykes for their project, “The Comfort Food Series.” Take a look!

“Waxed Rolled Socks w/ Dirty Hot Shaving Cream”

“Lamb Burger”

“Brekky Bricks w/ a glass of Red Oxide Turpentine”

“Knit Dog”

“Bicycle Tyre Burger w/ Bendy Straws”

“Knitted Christmas Dinner”

“Hot Rubber Glove w/ a Suds Spider”

“Knitted Left Overs”

“Intercontinental Pizza w/ extra Currency”

“Knitted Full English”

“Teddy Bear Tacos w/ a Fishnet Dip”

“Triple Layer Mud Cake”

Actually, I”m still pretty hungry after looking at these. Maybe just one bite won”t hurt?

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