If you”re looking for a sweet treat, look no further. Candy makers from La Confiserie CandyLabs candy shop in Montreal finally get to show us just how they create custom hard candies completely by hand. The process involves huge blobs of sugar, flavoring, and malic acid. The blobs are then rolled, shaped, and sliced down into hard candies with tiny images inside.

The balls of molten candy are mixed, flavored, dyed, and separated into the candy”s individual layers.

The layers are rolled together, creating a thick cylinder.

No, it”s not bacon (even though it really looks like bacon).

Want to see what this pink-and-white creation will be? Watch the video! It”s a bit long, but it”s totally worth it.

(via Stereokroma)

The whole process requires two people and takes about three hours to complete, with the candy makers and the candy in constant motion. Fun fact: the same principle behind making this type of circular candy is also how glass makers in Venice make the famous millefiori glassware.

Another of La Confiserie”s rolled candy creations.

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The candies seen here were custom made, and La Confiserie prides itself on its personalized candies. In fact, everything in their shop is completely handmade. If you find yourself in downtown Montreal, stop in for a taste. If not, you can see more of their incredible candy creations on their website, as well as on their Facebook page.