Appreciating the glass work of artist Kiva Ford is easy. His work includes vibrant colors, pleasing shapes, and intricate detailing, but we”ve totally fallen in love with his miniatures. After seeing them in photos, you”d never guess they were tiny if not for the scale clues. These miniature marvels are truly a joy to behold.

Ford has been fascinated with glassblowing for much of his life, and his education and degree are in scientific glassblowing. This means he can create perfectly precise glass instruments for measuring, mixing, and reactions, all meant to be used in the exacting environment of a lab. It”s that precision, though, that allows his other work to include such careful detail.

Despite their tiny size, these instruments are pretty precise!

Despite their tiny size, these instruments are pretty precise!

Ford also creates custom instruments for specific scientific experiments and procedures.

Using the same tools and procedures, Ford also creates these miniatures, which have all the grace and details of their life-sized counterparts, down to ornate handles, spouts, and stripes of different-colored glass. If it were not for the fingertips holding them in these photos, you”d never know that most of these creations are barely an inch tall!

They look even cuter when they”re all lined up together.

They look even cuter when they

For a look at Ford”s work in his own words, check out this video.

You can see much more of Ford”s work on his website. Besides his numerous other miniatures, you can also find (human-sized) glassware and bottles, as well as sculptural pieces with striking detail. You can also keep up with Ford”s latest projects on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And if any of his items speak to you, you can purchase them via his Etsy shop.

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