Making art takes years of practice for anyone, no matter what their talent level may be. That”s a fact, but some people seem to have a slight edge. Take these kids, for example. In the early years of their lives, they discovered that they had a natural knack for creating art. When encouraged by their parents, they worked at their skill to create some seriously amazing pieces of art.

These children all come from different backgrounds. Their ages (when the pieces were created) range from four to 15, and, as you can see, their styles range wildly. However, all of the kids were internationally recognized for their talent, and now you can see why.

Hamzah Marbella, Untitled

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In 2001, at only 8 years old, Hamzah created bright, joyous pictures full of color. He made the rounds in the art scene in his native Philippines, and his images of smiling women, fish, and cats might be a reflection of his childhood home. No news on what he might be up to today, but based on what he was doing at 8, we hope he continued to make art.

Autumn de Forest, Gold Skull.Blue

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The precocious Autumn de Forest created this Georgia O”Keefe-inspired painting when she was only 10. Now 13, she continues to paint in oil and encaustic. She has a strong knowledge of artists and artistic techniques, and she”s all-around adorable, too.

Josh Tiessen, Perseverance

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This painting in acrylic was painted when Josh was 13. His paintings of animals and nature started when he was just 10, and he”s been honing his talent ever since. Now 19, his sedate, realistic paintings show an appreciation for the beauty of nature and for technical detail, as well as his spiritual side.

Akiane Kramarik, Love

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Though not raised in a religious household, Akiane began painting Christian-themed artwork at a young age. This painting was created when she was just 13, and shows her incredible eye for detail. As she got older, her work explored other spiritualities as well, and became more experimental.

Alexandra Nechita, Come Together

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Painted in 1997 when she was only 12, it”s paintings like this that earned Alexandra the nickname “The Petite Picasso.” Her Cubist-inspired pieces would continue to evolve. Now 29, she continues to be a prolific artist and has branched into sculpture. Her considerable talent earned the Romanian-born artist some fame in the U.S., and she even guest-starred in an episode of Boy Meets World.

Kieron Williamson, Broadland Mist

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Kieron Williamson began painting at the age of six. The painting here was done last year, when he was 11. His simple compositions and staid color palette speak to a sensibility beyond his years.

Marla Olmstead, Waterfall

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You might think that any four-year-old could do these, but Marla”s paintings show a control and sense of composition that many young children don”t have. Right now, Marla seems to like abstract work; if she gets into more representational art remains to be seen.

Joao Carvalho, Untitled

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His style is cartoony, but this 15-year-old displays some serious talent when it comes to drawing, including these mind-bending optical illusion images.

If you know a little one with a passion for the arts, encourage them! You never know where their love of art will take them.