On an evening in Los Angeles”s Skylight Books, a blogger by the name of Emily Pullen snapped a picture where a human posed with a book cover. This pose created a surreal, hilarious image. Now, six years later and on the other side of the country, she continues this tradition in Brooklyn and on her blog, Corpus Libris.

Some of them are downright hilarious, and some work surprisingly well…almost a little too well.

Extra points for the winged hand.

Extra points for correct shirt color, but your hand”s a little off.

Perspective adds to the humor.

Her right arm is pretty jacked from lifting all those wine glasses.

If you look carefully, our reader here has added a B-O-O-K in pen to her fingers for authenticity”s sake.

The bright colors of the cover are balanced nicely by the tattoos here.

Feminist Ryan Gosling contemplates baby clothes because he”s a sensitive dude.

Skeleton hands!

If you were wondering how you”d look as a vampire, now you know.

I think this is actually an improvement on that cover illustration.


It turns out blue plaid is a good look for you.

Miracles take many forms. Here”s one.

Extra points, again, for the right shirt at the right time.

You”re succeeding.

The blog today shows people from around the world holding books so that the cover art blends in with the actual world. The results are quite funny. While it started small, the blog now accepts submissions. You can now share an image of yourself or your friends posing with (and becoming part of) your favorite books.

(via Zeutch)