Whether you realize it yet or not, if you”re not sitting on one of the chairs featured in this list, you might as well be sitting on a hot pile of garbage. These chairs are achievements in modern design and are as comfortable to sit in as they are awesome to look at. These aren”t just conversation pieces, these are statements: I am someone who has incredibly cool chairs, welcome to my home and make yourself comfortable–wait, I already did.

1. The Loopita

The Loopita

2. Gravity Balans

Gravity Balans

3. Feel Seating System Deluxe

Feel Seating System Deluxe

4. Cradle


5. Sleepy Chair

Sleepy Chair

6. Infinity Comfort

Infinity Comfort

7. Neon Rainbow Waterfall

Neon Rainbow Waterfall

8. The Flying Eagle

The Flying Eagle



10. Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

11. The Steampunk Lounger

The Steampunk Lounger

12. Couch Sleeper

Couch Sleeper

(via Design Milk)

It doesn”t get any better than these chairs! Sure, sitting might be horrible for our health–but hey, if we”re going to do damage to ourselves, we might as well enjoy it.