If you”re searching for a holiday gift for that special someone with practically everything, perhaps this bird-inspired accessories collection are in order. Many species of birds use their plumage to communicate and show off to potential mates. These fanciful, colorful accessories (which include collars, hair bows, and hats) call into question gender roles and gendered behavior.

Accessories and decorations are associated with femininity in humans. In the bird world, the males are the ones sporting bright colors. Aside from these deeper themes, the collection, aptly titled “Birdy,” is just plain adorable.

In addition to the more expected accessories, Birdy collection designers Meric Canatan and Fatos Erhuy got even more surreal for the 2014 Istanbul Design Biennial. They tricked out military items like gas masks and helmets with feathers. These pieces see the feathers as not merely ornamental, but also protective. They call to mind a futuristic fantasy world of hybrid creatures.

(Via Designboom)

If you”re looking for something that”s both stylish and a bit out there, this might be the collection for you. To learn more about “Birdy,” visit the designers” official website.