Dear innovative folks of the world and self-described “life hackers”: Kindly end inventing positively crazy life hacks. You”re not good at it. Please leave all of them into the specialists.

I will see just what these individuals were trying to do with your innovations. Honestly, though, it can have simply been safer to invest $10 at neighborhood equipment shop…

1. Which said the perfect solution is to your issues wasn”t at the end of a can?

Just who said the clear answer to our issues wasn

2. Am I able to get a copy of this key?

could i get a duplicate of that key?

3. It”s like you”re in the movies.


4. Do you believe it”s heated?

do you consider it

5. Hobo BBQ.

Hobo BBQ.

6. Because Apple is just too pricey.

Because Apple is simply too expensive.

7. University, consume your heart out.

university, eat your heart out.

8. Stay classy.

keep stylish.

9. All seats are created equal.

All seats are made equal.

10. Three-wheel drive.

Three-wheel drive.

11. It has redneck written all-around it.

This has redneck written around it.

12. Brings an innovative new definition to “beer goggles.”

Brings a fresh definition to

13. Chopsticks are for chumps.

Chopsticks are for chumps.

14. There aren”t sufficient words when you look at the English language…

There aren

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