When artist Igor Verniy sees scrap metal, he sees not junk, but a world of possibility. Once a student of mechanical engineering, Verniy took his knowledge of machinery and fabrication and turned it into an artistic trade, creating charming, unique animals and fantasy creatures from old bike chains, silverware and all kinds of scrap metal. Not only are the results charming in a steampunk sort of way, they”re also impressive feats of engineering; all are fully articulated and can be moved and posed.

A very charming blowfish.

Each of the duck”s joints can be moved and arranged.

The worn look on the butterfly”s wings makes it somehow more lovely.

The good thing about being metal is that it”s okay if some parts are missing. Like the others, this fish is fully articulated.

A Dove of Peace flying…

…and one resting

The Dove of Peace from the back.

A dragonfly with screen wings

A fly, looking somewhat sinister with its black shell and rivets.

Good Sir Cattington (our name for this, not Verniy”s)

A Terminator-esque ant with a wooden accent.

A submarine-octopus hybrid

This skeletal…cat? fennec fox? is perfect for Halloween.

This little guy looks like he could use a nap.

Verniy and a friend.

The sculptures are nothing short of charming, not only for their appearance, but from the way the scrap metal, much of which bears the marks of use and wear, are recycled lovingly into these imaginative creatures. The bolts and mechanical elements could be used to create a sense of unnatural foreboding, but in Verniy”s hands, the materials become reminiscent of antique clockwork toys with jeweled details. There”s also something to be said for creating friendly-looking (for the most part) toys from old metal scrap, and bringing new life into something that would have been otherwise thrown away.

These are just a sampling of Verniy”s work. You can see the rest of his creatures on his Facebook and VK pages, and he has a small, but growing, Etsy shop.

Via Colossal