You’ve definitely been here before: you’ve reached a pause in your reading and, with no bookmark in sight, you simply fold the corner of a page down to keep your place. Perhaps a few passionate librarians even scolded you for it. But here’s what you probably didn’t know: you could have been making art out of those page folds.

Folding book pages is exactly how artist Yuto Yamaguchi creates his artwork.

Folding book pages is exactly how artist <a href="" target="_blank">Yuto Yamaguchi</a> creates his artwork.

Although it looks like the pages of these books have been carved, Yamaguchi makes it very clear that not a single page has been cut. His sculptures, which usually draw from pop culture and comic books for inspiration, are entirely made by folding the pages into intricate patterns.

To create these sculptures, Yamaguchi first draws up a detailed pattern for the folding process. By folding the pages back and forth multiple times, he can create the detailed, curving pieces from them — and each one is, technically, a temporary sculpture. By unfolding the pages, the book returns to its original, readable state.

(via Ufunk)

Yamaguchi encourages other people to explore the art of page folding for themselves, and has made his patterns available for purchase on his Etsy shop. You can also keep up with his latest projects on Instagram.