Theres no such thing as monsters. At least, thats what I thought. Then, I saw Laure Fauvels Terreurs, a photo series of children slaying the ones underneath their beds.

Deep down, I always figured there were monsters under my bed, but Im glad I didnt find out for sure until these kids came around. I need to get their phone numbers and put them on my speed dial so I can call them up next time I hear something go bump in the night (that isnt myself falling off the bed mid-dream).

Instead of being afraid of unseen monsters, these brave kids are putting on their war faces and taking care of their late night frights. It”s pretty awesome.


(via Mashable)

Love Fauvel”s style? Take a look at more of their awesome work!


“Birds-eyes view”

Its awesome to see these kids facing their fears, even if the monsters pictured (probably) arent real. Hopefully these can inspire other kids–heck, even adults–not to be so afraid.

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