Animated “.gifs” can be utilized in a number of different ways. They could be used to show a feeling without needing any words, they could make your friend laugh, as well as can annoy the hell regarding people. They say a photo will probably be worth a lot of words, but .gifs tend to be moving images that are well worth like…we don”t recognize, a billion?

Just what these people performed to these .gifs with clever Photoshop work is hilarious. And ridiculous.

1. The energy is strong inside one.

The Force is powerful inside one.

2. Ahhh, making sure that”s what it might seem like in true to life.

Ahhh, in order that

3. Run Homer, run!

Run Homer, run!

4. If only that took place each time I opened my lips.

If only that occurred each time we opened my lips.

5. Dude is PUMPED up.

guy is PUMPED up.

6. Discuss stabbing a person when you look at the straight back!

explore stabbing an individual into the straight back!

7. Level up!

amount up!

8. He”s lovin” it!


9. Have that burger!

Get that burger!

10. Aww, Batman. Chin up.

Aww, Batman. Chin up.

11. Saved.


12. Well, he DOES have a rocket for an arm.

Well, he has a rocket for an arm.

Click “Next Page” to begin to see the rest. I can”t-stop laughing during the final one!