It”s true that practicality is important. You need things to work to make your life easier, and you need them to work well. But let”s be real. When something is practical and it looks awesome, it”s so much better than something that”s functional and plain (or worst of all, ugly).

Luckily, there are plenty of people who understand your deep need for aesthetic beauty, and they”re creating all kinds of practical items for the home that have a much-needed splash of personality.

1. Acrobatic clothespins

Acrobatic clothespins

The figures on these clothespins add a bit of fun to anything you want to hang up. You can use them for clothes, or if you want them to be more visible, to hold papers or photos.

2. Laboratory organizer

Laboratory organizer

These test tubes can hold just about anything, like hard-to-organize office supplies (which are included). They”d also be perfect for holding spices in the kitchen. You could even get really experimental and try growing tiny plants and herbs in them.

3. Melting clock

Melting clock

This desk clock is a nod to the Dali masterpiece, and in true Dali fashion, it makes a unique addition to any desk or shelf. And yes, it actually tells time despite its floppy appearance. All it takes is one AA battery.

4. Moon nightlight

Moon nightlight

This little guy will help you bring the moonlight inside with you. This light, designed to look just like our favorite satellite, provides a soft glow that helps you see, but won”t keep you awake.

5. Owl-shaped tape dispenser

Owl-shaped tape dispenser

This two-roll tape dispenser will help you cut down on tape replacement. Most importantly of all, it sports an adorable bug-eyed owl who will help cheer you up on long days stuck in the cubicle.

6. The cyclist”s pizza cutter

The cyclist

Why settle for a boring pizza cutter when you can use this clever bicycle? The double wheels make slicing up your favorite Friday dinner much easier.

7. Egg-separating pig

Egg-separating pig

This rubber pig, officially called the “Yolkpig,” sucks up egg yolks while leaving the egg whites behind. The yolk can be deposited elsewhere by squeezing it out of the piggy”s nose.

8. Pirate corkscrew

Pirate corkscrew

Pirates are no strangers to booze, so it makes sense that this one is on board (ha!) to help you open your bottles. His arms double as a foil-cutting knife and a lever, respectively. His head can pop open beer bottles, and his leg serves as the corkscrew. Just don”t get in a fight with him.

9. Robot nutcrackers

Robot nutcrackers

The soldier look is so 19th century. Get with the times when it comes to nut consumption with these adorable robots. The crank lowers the screw inside and cracks the nutshell. Even though they”re robots, these guys are made of wood. It”s a modern take on a classic tool.

10. Toothpick whale

Toothpick whale

The splash is actually a collection of plastic toothpicks, all conveniently stored in the nasal cavity of this whale. Okay, forget we phrased it like that. This precious ceramic whale contains 32 reusable picks.

11. Oliver the elephant

Oliver the elephant

Yes, that”s his name. This olive dish comes with a clever addition, since his trunk doubles as a pit receptacle, hiding them out of sight until cleaning time. They can be emptied by popping out the rubber stopper in the bottom.

12. Rainmaker


This watering can attachment can be fitted to just about any screw-top beverage bottle (water, soda, etc.). It provides a gentle sprinkle of water, perfect for plants. The multiple streams ensure even distribution.

13. Nessie ladle

Nessie ladle

Okay, we know we”ve featured this before, but come on. This thing is so cute, and thanks to its little feet, you never have to worry about where to rest it while you make sauces and soups. Her little head will poke out of the soup just like the real-life version does in Loch Ness. (Because she”s 100% a real thing.)

14. Narwhal skewers

Narwhal skewers

Doing what narwhals do best, these skewers pay homage to one of the weirdest whales, which features a giant canine tooth sticking out of its head and a silly face. And now, these guys can hold your shish kebabs.

15. Mousy cheese board

Mousy cheese board

This cheese board comes complete with a mouse-shaped knife that can be stored in a little hole underneath.

16. Flask bangle

Flask bangle

Sometimes you know you”re going to need a quick drink, but it might be hard to hide a flask on your person when you”re wearing a summer dress. That”s where this hollow bangle bracelet steps in. It has a cork stopper and enough room for a decent swig. Just don”t be too obvious about sucking on your jewelry.

17. Tree measuring cups

Tree measuring cups

These stackable measuring cups form a lovely ceramic tree, each with its own branch handle. It includes a quarter, third, half, and full cup.

18. Geode coasters

Geode coasters

These blue agate coasters are a nice departure from typical wood or ceramic. They add some sparkle to your home. They”re also fully lined on the back so they won”t scratch surfaces.

19. Laboratory shot glasses

Laboratory shot glasses

Get your science on with these beaker-shaped shot glasses. They”re not just for drinking, since you can measure all sorts of things with them….but they”re mostly for drinking.

20. Hedgehog dryer balls

Hedgehog dryer balls

Stop buying dryer sheets and snag some of these little guys instead. They tumble around in the dryer with your clothes, separating the fabric and leaving clothes soft and free of static. Plus, they cut down on the waste that dryer sheets produce.

21. Squirrely steeper

Squirrely steeper

Fill this squirrel”s tail with loose leaf tea and set it on the rim of your cup. Perfect for when you just want a single cup of tea.

22. Panda teapot

Panda teapot

This is more than just a teapot; it”s a whole tea set for one. The head comes off, and when it”s inverted, it becomes a cup. There”s also a little infuser included for loose leaf tea, and a lid for the pot to keep the heat in when you”re enjoying a cup. Just look at it. This thing is adorable.

23. Shower squids

Shower squids

These dangly shower friends helpfully hold your bathing essentials. Their adjustable tentacles can hold bottles and bars of soap. They”re also great for storing bottles upside down to get the last few drops out.

24. Tablet-holding cutting board

Tablet-holding cutting board

If you”re using a new recipe you found online and you don”t want to take up counter space with your tablet (or put it in something gross), try this cutting board. It comes with a built-in tablet stand so you can check back on the instructions more easily. Just make sure you keep an eye on that knife.

25. Magnetic hourglass

Magnetic hourglass

This hourglass functions like the ancient timer that it is, but with a twist. Instead of regular old sand, this one uses ferrous sand, which is black and magnetic. This causes it to form all kinds of spikes and stalactites as it counts down a minute.

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