The phenomenon known as a .gif, a looping animated image, is now a staple of the Internet. From clumsy cats to movie quotes, you can find them pretty much anywhere, summing up any given human emotion.

Then there are these.

These bizarre images sprung from the mind of Sam Lyon, an illustrator based in Dundee, Scotland. Lyon”s .gifs of squirmy, slimy, wormy things in lurid colors are”experimental” and a fun way to spur the creative process for larger projects and illustrations. For the rest of us, they”re like looking into someone”s bad LSD trip. So if your day was feeling a little too normal, check these out.


Now that you”ve looked at those, we suggest that you might want to take a little break from the Internet for a while.

Lyon”s site also features illustrations for various sites and publications, some animated, some not. If you feel the need to bring these wobbly little guys into the real world, Lyon also has at Etsy shop.